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Thursday 8th December 2016

About Londonderry

Londonderry or Derry is a city in Northern Ireland with a population approaching 85 000 people. It is Northern Ireland's second largest city and the fourth largest urban centre in Ireland as a whole. The district is run by Derry City Council and has an airport, City of Derry Airport.


Londonderry is located on the west of northern Ireland and near the border with Ireland. The city is officially named Londonderry according to the city's Royal Charter. The name was changed from Derry in 1613 during the Plantation of Ulster to reflect the rebuilding of the city by the London guilds.However many people today refer to the city as Derry.


County Londonderry

County Londonderry is one of the six counties of Northern Ireland, in the province of Ulster. Since 1973, administration has been divided between district councils. The councils covering the county are Coleraine Borough Council, Derry City Council, Limavady Borough Council, and Magherafelt District Council; and part of Cookstown District Council, which is largely in County Tyrone.It's administrative centre is the city of Londonderry.


Travel & Tourism


Londonderry is an old 6th century walled city. The walls dating from the 17th century are 1 mile in circumference are are still in tact. These walls were never penetrated during the siege of Derry in the 1689 which lasted a 105 days. After this the city earned the nickname the' Maiden City'. Admission to the walls is free.

Dominating the skyline on all approaches to the City of Londonderry is Saint Columb’s Cathedral, which has stood on its prominent site inside the famous Walls of Derry since 1633. Londonderry also has several museums of note including Tower Museum.

The CITY OF DERRY AIRPORT is located about 7 miles out of town. BY CAR Londonderry is accessed by the A5, A6 and the A37. LONDONDERRY TRAIN STATION is located at Duke Street in the Waterside area of the city and it is served daily by the Belfast to Derry service.



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