Patrick Millsaps
Patrick MillsapsFounder & CEO
Patrick Millsaps is an American film producer, and founder and CEO of Londonderry, LLC the parent company of Londonderry Films, Londonderry Tales, and O-Squared. These subsidiaries finance, produce and market film, television and digital products across all media platforms. Prior to his work in the entertainment business, Millsaps was a prominent attorney in Georgia and, in 2012, ran a presidential campaign.

After returning to the practice of law, Millsaps was asked by an actor to help revitalize her career. Within 12 months, Millsaps secured the actor a first-of-its kind deal with a major cable news network, a very lucrative book deal, and a return to acting. During this time, Millsaps also began to produce films.

His first foray in producing was the hit feature film I’LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS, starring Blythe Danner, Martin Starr, Sam Elliot, Malin Akerman, June Squibb and Rhea Perlman. The film was selected to premiere at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival and subsequently was acquired for distribution by Bleecker Street.

Contrasting his experiences of both politics and film, Millsaps determined that film had a better potential to foster true community and engage hearts and minds in meaningful refection. “My work led to the transformative conclusion that while partisan politics had made us a country that forgot how to have a conversation, storytelling still gave us common ground: republicans and democrats can actually talk about stories and agree on a great movie or TV show.”

With this motivating realization, Millsaps dove into the entertainment industry, starting at home in his beloved state of Georgia. Millsaps was instrumental in getting Georgia’s tax credits for film and television passed into law. This initiative has led to a $9 billion new industry in the state. Current Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue was the Georgia Governor who first signed Georgia’s tax credits into law and Perdue credits Millsaps for helping to convince him to approve the measure, stating in 2014:

“Patrick Millsaps understood early the benefits for Georgia aggressively pursuing the entertainment industry as an economic development project. The combination of his business, political and legal skills were helpful in making tax credits a reality in Georgia.”

Notwithstanding the great financial boon to Georgia on the macro level, Millsaps was troubled by the return to investors on individual film projects, where certain ingrained practices prevented investors from maximizing returns. Millsaps continued to research and deconstruct all aspects of film and television production and finance, focusing on vertical integration in order to increase margins on individual productions, while eliminating practices that failed to maximize investor returns. It was this journey that led to the establishment of Londonderry and its family of subsidiaries in 2016.

Don Grimsley
Don GrimsleyCOO, Londonderry
Mr. Grimsley is responsible for oversight of the corporate policies, procedures and ongoing daily operations of Londonderry and its subsidiaries.

Don holds both a BBA (Marketing) and an MBA (specializations in Corporate Finance, International Finance, Investments and Organizational Consulting) from the University of Georgia. He currently owns and operates a chain of nationally known restaurants and employs over 120 people. Since acquiring the business in 2003, Grimsley has increased sales volume 80%. Additionally, Don holds a commercial real estate license in Georgia.

Prior to owning his own business, Grimsley worked for both Bank of America (NationsBank) and SunTrust Robinson Humphrey. While at STRH, Grimsley worked in the Debt Capital Markets – Syndicated Finance division where he structured, priced and sold syndicated loans in excess of $5 billion.

John Dauer
John DauerPresident of Londonderry Tales
Mr. Dauer is responsible for overseeing all of Londonderry’s affairs on the west coast and acts as a liaison between Londonderry, LLC and its media based subsidiaries. He brings over 20 years of wide-ranging experience in media and entertainment.

He has been a consultant to aspiring recording artists because of his deep knowledge of the music industry gained as frontman for the rock band The Ruse. The Ruse won celebrity for its many TV soundtrack credits and for touring extensively around the US and internationally, particularly with British rock sensation Muse. His diverse acting credits include feature films, independent films and network television.

As one of the original organizers of Politicon, he brought in high-profile talent from Washington D.C. and the country’s top news outlets to appear at Politicon’s annual convention which mixes politics with entertainment.

He also partnered with a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur to start Metis Capital (now Ignite Advisors) to help bring new startups and investors into the Silicon Valley network.

John was born and raised in New York and is a graduate of Cornell University.

Saleena Lockett
Saleena LockettVice President of Londonderry Films
While in college in Bowling Green, Ohio, Saleena Lockett discovered her curiosity about the world of television and film which led her to take a job as a camera operator at a local PBS affiliate.

Through that experience Saleena fell in love with production and after graduating college she decided to start her career in independent film as an Assistant Director. Saleena relocated from Ohio to LA where she was accepted into the DGA Training Program, which led to her membership in the Directors Guild of
America as a Second AD.

Having always balanced her love for production with an innate drive towards community service, Saleena felt called to try and use the production skills she had developed to effect positive change in her community. And so in 2010 she brought all of her skills and resources to building an in-house production studio for a large non-profit in Los Angeles.

Her experience in the non-profit world showed her the great positive impact that storytelling can have on peoples lives. Saleena is now working to bring great storytelling to a larger community through commercial film and television production.

Holly Pollock
Holly PollockExecutive Assistant to Patrick Millsaps
Holly Pollock is the Executive Assistant to Patrick Millsaps, the founder and CEO of Londonderry, LLC. Holly has worked with Patrick since 2004 when he founded his own law firm. She was his assistant, office manager and his paralegal during that time and continued with Patrick as their firm merged with the much larger Hall Booth Smith, P.C. and Patrick was made partner.

In December 2011, when Patrick was asked to join a presidential campaign as deputy general council and eventually chief of staff, Holly continued to assist Patrick with scheduling and mainaining his legal clients while Patrick was on the road with the campaign.

In 2015, Holly entered the entertainment business with Patrick as he founded the company that would become Londonderry, LLC. Holly continues to assist Patrick and other executives at Londonderry, LLC with scheduling and day-to-day operations.

Stephanie Quayle
Stephanie QuayleVP - Music Supervision
Stephanie Quayle’s new much anticipated album LOVE THE WAY YOU SEE ME captures the heart of storytelling as she offers the genre a fresh sound, relatable storylines and an invigorating presence that is unmatched in today’s musical spectrum. Harnessing her signature passion and pairing it with an authentic artistry, fans can expect to hear and feel exactly what they didn’t know they were missing.

“This music has changed me and I have found what I believe to be my place in country music. I have never been more comfortable in my voice and skin as I am today.”

Rising country artist Stephanie Quayle continues to captivate listeners whether she is on stage in a packed venue or a small intimate setting. Recently invited to perform for five former U.S. presidents (Obama, W. Bush, Clinton, H.W. Bush and Carter) as part of the hurricane relief concert “Deep From The Heart: The One America Appeal” in Texas, the vibrant blonde’s radiating energy and booming personality grabs hold of an audience and doesn’t let go as she belts out her songs from behind her guitar and piano.

“Man, country music is better off with [Stephanie Quayle] in it!” – Lee Greenwood

Newest radio single, “Selfish,” offers a bold and honest female perspective that is garnering reactions from couples at every live performance.

“What can I say… I know how I feel about my man. I want all of his time. I can’t get enough of him. Walking into my writing session that day, we came up with this positive twist to a word that is usually a negative one. It’s been amazing to see couples react to this song like this is their story too. It is taking on a life of its own.”

Quayle covered over 9,000 miles on her summer “Winnebago Tour” in support of her latest project. Prompted by the single, “Winnebago,” the song transported the listener to all the beautiful places scattered throughout this great land from the Empire State to the Golden Gate and literally put Quayle on the road to live out each lyric from coast to coast.

“I just want to go live this song. I’d never seen the Hoover Dam before and I wanted to take a picture under Mt Rushmore! Growing up in the West, my grandparents would pull up in their motorhome and all the kids would jump in for the summer. It’s almost like everything has come full circle — Here I am singing about traveling this great country on the ultimate cross-country road trip in a new home on wheels!”

Partnering with national brands Kampgrounds of America (KOA), Winnebago, Polaroid and regional influencers The RV Loft and Summerfield Farms, the tour became a reality and took on a life of its own as Quayle played pop up concerts at must-stop destinations like the top of the Empire State Building, Mt Rushmore, the Hoover Dam, Niagara Falls while staying and performing at KOA campgrounds across the country.

Produced by the award-winning Matt McClure (2013 CMA “Song of the Year” – “I Drive Your Truck” by Lee Brice), Quayle’s album LOVE THE WAY YOU SEE ME is receiving critically-acclaimed reception with tracks penned by the songwriter like “Post It,” “I’ve Got Your Six,” and the title track along with crowd favorites “Days Like These” “Ugly” and previous single “Drinking With Dolly.”

Nashville is buzzing about the rising star. Rolling Stone Country named Quayle a Top 10 “Artist You Need To Know;” filmed the exclusive performance on top of the Empire State Building; Our Own Nashville calls the new album one of the “most refreshing good albums” heard in awhile; and attended the star-studded Farrah Fawcett Foundation benefit event as a special guest and performer.

Quayle’s debut single “Drinking With Dolly” from the new record is close to her heart. It is an anthem for all the women of country in a time when female artists are rising together to make a major impact in today’s music scene. Quayle celebrated her first Top 50 record on the Billboard Indicator chart. The single was a catalyst for moments like a #1 music video on the CMT Music 12-Pack Countdown, her national television debut on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” and an invitation to the respected Island Hopper Songwriter’s Festival.